Hello y’all!!!!

Hey guys/mainly Ranziiy!  I know I’m (always) behind on my posts, but I’ll try to keep up.  What with school and stuff, I’m pressed on time. 😀 Keep commenting so I can make this site even better!

I don’t exactly have anything specifically to post about, so here.

~Toodles, Strangecrumb 😉


2 responses

  1. Well! I come back from vacation and look what awesomeness awaits me in my inbox! 😀 (Even I’m behind on my posts… -_-” )

    The final book’s coming out this summer, did you know? July 7th, to be precise. It’s called The Last Guardian. I’ll miss Arty Fowl. I have already given myself permission to cry all the tears in the world when I finally finish reading. Wah!

    There’s already two official covers, an official trailer, and an excerpt from the book, as far as I know. It shall be EPIC! 😀

    PS: my name has only one “i”. Not to offend you or anything, but you’re spelling it wrong.

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