Well.  When was my last post, a year ago???

I am very busy with homework, school, other fangirl obsessions (ever hear of Eddsworld?) etc. etc. etc.  So (as usual) don’t expect a lot more posts right after this one. Because I’m such a terrible blogger I’m going to write a fairly long post to make up for it.

Weeeelll…I haven’t been reading Artemis Fowl in a while, so I really have to admit, I’m not as obsessed as I used to be. -.-‘ And I haven’t even been on WordPress since FOREVAH. As you may have noticed, I’m particularly bad at keeping up a blog/online presence /reputation. xD ah well.

And the drama of 6th grade is reaaally starting to Get To Me as well.  Which reminds me…this may sound kind of stalker-ish, but Ranziy, how old are you?? I’m 12 (bday on April Fools :D) and no offense, but I’ll really feel weird if you’re like, a 70 year old man. O.o

Okay, think I’m done now. Thx for listening/reading my excessive ramblings.

~Strangecrumb :DDD