My brain: officially turned to vole curry.

gahh!!  Just finished “The Opal Deception” about a week ago and now (well, actually, about 4 1/2 minutes ago) the lost colony!!!!!!!


My mind has officially turned to vole curry and been eaten by stinkworms.  I feel like I’m gonna blow up from all teh new revelations!!! *screams madly*

Over the course of this book, he aged 3 years, got magical powers, switched his eyeball with a fairy, moved a planet/island, lost his powers, became a big brother, got a maybe-girlfriend (grr!!), and Butler grew a beard!!  Gaah!

Mostly these emotions come from the fact that Artemis AND Foaly are no longer single, which has me ticked off.  D:

But this book was really hilarious, due to the excessive puberty cracks.  And I again lol’d at the chapter titled “doodah day”.  Just thinking about it cracks me up.  It was filled with quotable phrases that would do for an excellent signature.

Peace, love, and centaurs to you all.  May your lives be joyously filled with lovable, blue-eyed child progidies.

~ love, strangecrumb