What is this blog?!!

Hi there!!  New?  Well, so am I.  I need you to help me make this site the best it can be.  First of all, please follow my rules:

1.  No swearing or offensive language while you comment.

2.   Make this a great place for everyone.  So please, no bullying.

3.  No random advertising of your blog.  I will (someday) make a specific page for that.

4.  Be sure everything you comment about is appropriate.  We got kids here. (Like mee!!)


6.  That’s pretty much it!  Not gonna overload your brains here.

ANOTHER THING: Let me know if I’m breaking any of these rules, okay?  Don’t be afraid to say something like: “Please don’t use this word, I find it offensive.”  Email me at strangecrumb@gmail.com or say it outright in a comment.

Next: credits for the banner

Artemis and Butler: from DeviantART


Foaly: Also from DeviantART


Gnommish thing from the official website:


That’s all! 😉

Thanks for being awesome!!



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