Well.  When was my last post, a year ago???

I am very busy with homework, school, other fangirl obsessions (ever hear of Eddsworld?) etc. etc. etc.  So (as usual) don’t expect a lot more posts right after this one. Because I’m such a terrible blogger I’m going to write a fairly long post to make up for it.

Weeeelll…I haven’t been reading Artemis Fowl in a while, so I really have to admit, I’m not as obsessed as I used to be. -.-‘ And I haven’t even been on WordPress since FOREVAH. As you may have noticed, I’m particularly bad at keeping up a blog/online presence /reputation. xD ah well.

And the drama of 6th grade is reaaally starting to Get To Me as well.  Which reminds me…this may sound kind of stalker-ish, but Ranziy, how old are you?? I’m 12 (bday on April Fools :D) and no offense, but I’ll really feel weird if you’re like, a 70 year old man. O.o

Okay, think I’m done now. Thx for listening/reading my excessive ramblings.

~Strangecrumb :DDD


Hello y’all!!!!

Hey guys/mainly Ranziiy!  I know I’m (always) behind on my posts, but I’ll try to keep up.  What with school and stuff, I’m pressed on time. 😀 Keep commenting so I can make this site even better!

I don’t exactly have anything specifically to post about, so here.

~Toodles, Strangecrumb 😉

My brain: officially turned to vole curry.

gahh!!  Just finished “The Opal Deception” about a week ago and now (well, actually, about 4 1/2 minutes ago) the lost colony!!!!!!!


My mind has officially turned to vole curry and been eaten by stinkworms.  I feel like I’m gonna blow up from all teh new revelations!!! *screams madly*

Over the course of this book, he aged 3 years, got magical powers, switched his eyeball with a fairy, moved a planet/island, lost his powers, became a big brother, got a maybe-girlfriend (grr!!), and Butler grew a beard!!  Gaah!

Mostly these emotions come from the fact that Artemis AND Foaly are no longer single, which has me ticked off.  D:

But this book was really hilarious, due to the excessive puberty cracks.  And I again lol’d at the chapter titled “doodah day”.  Just thinking about it cracks me up.  It was filled with quotable phrases that would do for an excellent signature.

Peace, love, and centaurs to you all.  May your lives be joyously filled with lovable, blue-eyed child progidies.

~ love, strangecrumb

Artemis Fowl: Who the heck made him a Sim?!!

Hmm…have you seen the new covers yet?  I happened to stumble across this video recently.  In my opinion he looks like a Sim…y’know that video game, the Sims?  Something about his expressions make me laugh (:lol:) and Holly looked good.  Whaddya think?

Comment and let me know.  Cheers!


The great debate!

Welcome to our first ELF great debate!  Today’s debate topic issss…

ARTEMIS FOWL!!    Hot…or not?

Okay, my personal opinion is that he’s the hottest, most crushable person on the planet.  😐 Not kidding.  He’s mine.

But what’s YOUR opinion?  Remember to commment, comment, comment  ALL the time and voice it!!  Yeah! 😀


Gah!!  I just began to read The Eternity Code yesterday and I was all like


I can’t wait to finish it. 

Okay done.

I am trying to get through the series ASAP because, well,  how can I blog about it if I’m only on the third book?  P.S. I’m so glad Butler did not die.  Blunt got what he deserved.


I can’t believe I didn’t think of this site before.  x_x I’m brain-dead I tell you.  BRAIN-DEAD!! 

 Anyways, welcome.  First of all I have to tell you that the site name spelled out ELF completely by accident.  It was destiny.  And second of all, please be patient with me as I finish the series. :} I am working hard, but have yet to begin the third book.  I shall keep you updated when I finish a book.  And yes, I don’t really care for spoilers so try not to have ’em.  Sorry!!

Click here for all my chat rules (for commenting, etc.) ’cause I don’t feel like listing them now.  I shall be continously updating the site so be ready for constant changes.  Let me know if there’s any suggestions you have.